The Executive Team:
Jake Jacobs
Susan Marks
Dennis Johnson
Mark Clift
Jill Oswald
Jim McDonald
Karin Wandtke
Sang Ahn
Gerard DeBlois
Mary Strasdin
Anthony Almer
Tyee Carr

One of the things I really like about Bikram Yoga is the constant search for balance. While practicing Yoga, I am stretching and relaxing at the same time. I try to carry this concept into my life and work as well.

I grew up on Camano Island, near the San Juan Islands in Washington. Living in the Northwest makes it easy to fully appreciate life. Whether I'm outdoors-white water rafting, backpacking, hiking-or inside enjoying a wonderful meal, I always have this sense that I am fortunate to live here. However, I'm not so provincial that I don't relish a trip to Rome with my husband or to New York to celebrate a significant birthday!

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Get to Know Jill Oswald
It's not just anyone who could organize a capable and headstrong group of accountants. Since she joined the firm in 1989, Jill has continually pushed us to higher levels of administrative efficiency with her expertise and powers of gentle persuasion. From the moment she entered the firm's elegant, warm and friendly offices, she was hooked. She thrives on the atmosphere, quality of service, and even working with a quirky bunch of people.

As Administrative Shareholder, Jill oversees the administration of the office and manages the full range of human resources and benefits needs for the firm.

Background: Joined the firm in 1989 as Administrative Assistant; became Firm Administrator in 1996; named Administrative Shareholder in November 2005

Professional and community services: Board member, Oregon Employer Council, Downtown Portland Chapter

Education: Bachelor of Science, Business Administration

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