Duffy Kekel LLP

“The estate planning team at McDonald Jacobs is experienced, knowledgeable, and expert at leading clients through complicated estate planning matters in a comprehensible fashion.  They are valuable members of any client’s estate planning team.”


“Their knowledge is beyond repute, but it is the personal relationships I have formed, along with their outstanding customer service and professionalism, that sets McDonald Jacobs apart.”

Massini Group

“We started with McDonald Jacobs because we needed a small business specialist. We’ve stayed because they are always professional, accurate, and take the time to help us all year, not just during tax season.”

The Northwest Catholic Counseling Center

“We need an auditor who understands nonprofits, is responsive, and can be understanding and flexible in a way that smaller nonprofits often are. That’s why we work with McDonald Jacobs.”


“Some firms feel there’s a risk about teaching their clients too much about certain forms. That’s not the case at McDonald Jacobs. They don’t worry about those types of things. They’re open-handed and open-hearted.”