Consulting & Management Advising

We have consulted with hundreds of clients on a full range of business and professional needs, covering both short-term direction and long-term strategy. Our experts can provide training and support for setting up and maintaining your financial and management systems. We can guide you through any number of challenges, from starting up to exit strategies.

Our services include:

  • Form of entity selection: We work with you to determine the appropriate designation for your business, such as sole proprietor, LLC, LLP, partnership, or corporation.
  • Buy/sell agreements: We provide assistance to develop, implement, and monitor these complex transactions.
  • Management succession: We advise and support you as you prepare your business for succession, allowing you to step toward your next challenge or pursuit.
  • Tax planning: We do the legwork to help you and your organization make the most of your money and avoid year-end surprises.
  • Business expansion and acquisition: We evaluate different opportunities that will help you expand your business.
  • Review of internal financial controls:  We help  assess the risks of fraud, error, and loss in your business, and develop a plan for improving procedures to reduce those risks.
  • Client accounting: We set up and provide training and support for your accounting systems. When accounting expertise is critical to your business, we’re here to be your outsourced team.
  • Business planning: From startups to established enterprises, we assist with cash flow planning, forecasts, budgets and managing by key performance indicators (KPIs).

We have a strong referral network to connect you with professionals to support your business needs, including:

  • Executive compensation plan evaluations
  • Investment advisory services
  • Human resources consulting
  • Benefit design and administration
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance coverage
  • Technology support
  • Payroll preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal advice
  • Banking